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It's been a while. :u

Since the last time I spoke, I've finished this semester of school.
My final grades were not that great for a couple of my classes. >>

But I DID get a B in Digital Skills and a B in Creative Writing! :happybounce:

Other than that, I'm just trying to rejuvenate before the summer classes start. I'm going to try and eliminate my last math credit.

As per my rejuvenation process, I'm playing video games an insane amount and sleeping to my fullest.
I make sure to get my chores done though. I like to have clean laundry, trash taken out and a shower every day. ^_^
I'm already feeling better.
Although, for all my complaining of the cafeteria's food, I wish it was open for the summer. My meals are completely unbalanced and rich in fast food.
But on the upside I haven't had Arby's in months, so it's good to eat it again!

I'm still resting more than I am doing art, but I am open for Art Requests and Commissions right now.
I'm still trying to work on the AskBlog to.
I know people really enjoy fan art and I understand that original stuff can be annoying, but I am not and will never be a fan artist.
I know I used to be, but I want all my work focused on MY ideas and MY characters.
And I understand that original work can really turn people away, especially if that's all the artist talks about and strives for.
But this is the artist I am. If you want fan work from me, you're going to have to commission it or request it when I do requests.
Because I won't do it on my own.

In other news, I rented South Park the Stick of Truth.
It was great, deserved it's rating, too vulgar for me but still great, a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and I really can't say much without spoiling it.
Just play it. I liked the sound effects, I liked the graphics, I liked the RPG style, I especially liked the fighting style, I liked the music, I just enjoyed this game overall. I'm not good with critiques. >>
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Caitlin Ree Goodwin
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Sketch: $5
Basically a drawing in my sketchbook. I scan it and give it to you without digitally tweaking it. The amount of detail you want might up the price.
It can also be a small thing that is done completely on the computer. It doesn't have to come from my sketchbook.

Lineart - $7
Made in Adobe Illustrator

Color - $10
Again, detail might up the price. The prices really are not set in stone, I will charge what I feel is right depending on the picture.

I don't have any qualms about doing commissions based on literature, but in order to do this I need as much detail on what I'm doing as possible. Once I get started, I get into it. The more I know right away, the better.

Ask me questions!

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